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Is my Axis a lemon?
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Author:  mogey5 [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Is my Axis a lemon?

My 2015 Axis A22 has been in the shop almost as long as it hasn't. I was one of the lucky ones to have the cracked hull (picture attached). I have put less than 100 hours on the boat since then and have had a bad shaft seal leak that started as soon as I got the boat back from Malibu. I had that fixed later, then 20 hours later my V drive locked up. I just got the boat back from that (was in the shop July 4 - September 6, height of the summer) with a $5,500 bill. I spoke with Malibu and they refused to help me out at all on either the shaft seal or V drive.

Seeking y'all's expertise - when a boat needs a new hull and is rebuilt on that hull, the shaft seal leaks immediately after, then water gets in the V drive locking it up, wouldn't that be a direct cause of how it was rebuilt?

I had a 3 year warranty so that's up. They did warranty the cracked hull, but no help with anything since. Is it reasonable to expect a new warranty when the boat is rebuilt with a new hull?

At this point I'm worried every time I have it on the water that something is going to break. I've seen the 'Service Required' light far too many times. All this is coming from an experienced boat owner. I've been on Lake Austin since 2008, I had a 2005 Tige 22V that literally didn't have any problems for nearly 10 years.

Timeline since hull repaired (many more issues prior to this as well):
119 hours (2/2017) - cracked hull, at the factory for ~6 months, no loaner boat
173 hours (3/2018) - bad temp skin sensor, strainer leaking (replaced), gelcoat cracked
~190 hours (8/2018) - shaft seal repaired/rebuilt, strainer leaking (replaced again)
212 hours (7/2019) - locked up v drive

I have already talked 2 potential Axis/Malibu boat owners on Lake Austin away from the brand and will keep doing so. It's a shame because the boat's wave is great and the people at Texas Malibu & Malibu I've worked with are very nice; I just wish they put out a better product for me or at least help out where it seems they should.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Author:  abovewater [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Is my Axis a lemon?

Sorry to hear all this. The boat may work perfectly for the next 1000 hours, or it might be time to move on. Frustrating, and my belief is if being on your boat isn't enjoyable, it's not worth any amount of money.

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